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How the Morbihan Challenge exploits Streamlike solutions

Streamlike is a technical partner of the Morbihan Challenge, a sailing race held every summer in South Brittany. It gives the opportunity to develop original solutions to meet the needs of the organization.

Why and how to count your GHG?

The measurement of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions related to streaming was until now a mere intellectual curiosity. Now, it is a priority objective that will soon be imposed on all online video broadcasters.

How to do a StreamChat

StreamChat is an instant messenger to make live chat interactive, create discussion threads and reveal the opinions or questions most shared by your audience. We explain here how to create and administer StreamChats.

How your videos avoid Internet traffic jams

The internet is like the road network. You need to know its state in real time to make the right decisions, change your itinerary according to conditions, even if it means extending your travel distance to save time.

Offsetting GHG emissions through reforestation

Responsible Streaming is a three-step process: measurement - reduction - offsetting. After having explained how to measure the greenhouse gas emissions linked to streaming content and then the good practices to reduce them, we explain here our choice to contribute to the sequestration of the carbon we have measured.

Good practices for a sustainable streaming

The environmental footprint of digital is equivalent to that of civil air transport. Video accounts for 80% of data transfer on the Internet and 20% of greenhouse gas emissions from digital technology. A responsible or sustainable attitude consists in showing moderation, avoiding excesses, using appropriate means to satisfy a need.

Measurement of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions linked to streaming

In order to raise its clients' awareness of the environmental impact of audio and video streaming, Mediatech has undertaken in collaboration with The Shift Project to measure the greenhouse gases (GHG) emitted by the activity of Streamlike platform clients. They can be monitored from the Streamlike dashboard.

Adapting the broadcasting of a ceremony to the health crisis

Every year, Mediatech broadcasts the Yom Hashoah ceremony live. This year, with the health crisis and the ban on gatherings of people, the Paris Shoah Memorial has set up a StreamOut so that the reading of names can take place on April 20 as planned.
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