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Latest articles

Entreprise video use cases

Video potentially concerns all departments in the company, though it is common to think that only Marketing and -external- Communication are concerned. Here is a quick overview of the areas of application of online video, which digital transformation extends daily.

The Stream Team

Today, no company can ignore digital anymore. The Internet has radically changed the way people consume, communicate, inform themselves or train, and online video is everywhere. If online video is not your speciality, let us accompany you.

Online video : benefits, impact and best practices (Part 1)

The subject of the Internet's environmental footprint is trendy, and rightly so. Online video generates 60% of the world's data flows and more than 300 million tons of CO2 per year.

The true environmental cost of streaming

The theme of the environmental cost of streaming is too important to let fake news spread out. The numbers are high enough to make it unnecessary to exaggerate them, at the risk of providing arguments to sceptics.
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