Your Cloud Platform

We install and supervise a dedicated infrastructure, to centralize and distribute your media on your own networks, live or on-demand.


  • A high-performance, scalable platform.
  • No hosting, administration or supervision constraints.


  • Deploy webTVs from applications that are immediately operational and easily customizable.
  • Create and interface your applications with the Streamlike API.


  • Streaming is bandwidth-efficient.
  • Transparency of costs and pricing.

Basic Services

  • Provision of a private Streamlike Cloud solution to manage your own media catalog (video and audio)
  • Quality Google Cloud hosting ensures high availability, data security and 24/7 platform access
  • Nearly limitless scalability of encoding capability
  • Access to the media with your own URLs (intranet / VPN)
  • Secure access (https) to the media via our authenticated certificate
  • Full outsourcing of the solution
  • Regular and transparent versions of the Streamlike application
  • Designation of a dedicated project manager
  • Platform support during business hours (9 am-7 pm CET)
  • Service guarantees (SLA)
  • Transparency of costs and pricing.


  • Use of the Cloudflare CDN
  • VPN setup between the platform and your corporate network
  • Data location of your choosing
  • Scheduled backups of files and data to third-party storage space
  • Use of your own SSL certificate

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Mediatech SAS
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