Integrate a responsive video gallery into your CMS or Facebook page.

With StreamEmbed, select media in your Streamlike account and integrate them as a responsive gallery in Facebook, Wordpress, Drupal, Typo3, Joomla, eZ, Prestashop, Sharepoint, Magento etc.


The StreamEmbed console associated with your Streamlike account allows you to define the criteria for your queries and the wrapping of the video gallery.
No need for a specific plug-in: The gallery can be embedded into any page with an iframe, between a header and a footer.


StreamEmbed is free.
However, you must have a Streamlike account from which you set your media properties, so that they can be queried and displayed by StreamEmbed.


You can create and save several queries and styles, for example to create several pages of video galleries for different categories of videos ("demonstrations", "interviews" and "tutorials" for example).

The criteria for selecting videos are:

  • choice of one or more playlists
  • keyword filtering (optional)
  • sort criteria (by date, views, ratings, duration) and order (up or down)


The style parameters are:

  • font family, color and size
  • borders size and color
  • background color
  • number of media per page
  • information to display on thumbnails (title, date, duration, views, notes)
  • customization of the video player
  • direct playback or mosaic display


Here is a demo StreamEmbed gallery showing only 4 videos per page ( Click here  ) and the same gallery embedded into Facebook (  Click here  ).

Another example ( Click here ).


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