A private "YouTube" for your business or community.

Build a collaborative social-TV that lets you in control.
Give your community (colleagues, clients, members…) the opportunity to post, rate, comment and share videos meant for them.

Why build a "Social TV"?

  • Because today, people express themselves more easily in video than in writing.
  • Because we prefer to watch a video rather than read a text. A tutorial is more effective than a manual. A video report more accurately tells an event than a story.
  • Because you want to offer your employees, your constituents, your customers, your subscribers ... a channel of free expression, but under your control.
  • To create a video library dedicated to your organization, focused on knowledge sharing, news, hobbies etc ...

Why not use a platform like YouTube or Dailymotion?

  • Because these platforms are not suitable for businesses or communities.
  • Because you would have no control over the content, which their authors can edit or delete at any time.
  • Because you cannot create accounts for users and delegate rights to publish videos to your channel.
  • In summary, you cannot create private collaborative content with these platforms.

Keep control

  • Users are not anonymous. They are required to follow specific terms of use that limit your responsibility as a publisher.
  • Free use does not mean use without control: you can moderate or reject any publication at any time and rely on the user community to report inappropriate content.
  • StreamTube is visually and functionally configured according to your wishes.
  • StreamTube can be installed on premises or offered in SaaS mode, even for use on your intranet.

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